Social networking – think of the children!

    Posted on August 28, 2015


    Many parents are understandably wary of allowing their children to have their own social media accounts. In fact major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all set their minimum age for users at 13.

    Naturally, a lot of children don’t take notice of such and merely provide fake birthdays when signing up for accounts. The fact is, however, the majority of social networks are not ‘child friendly’ so to speak. It is very easy to find inappropriate content finding its way onto a news feed, or for ‘friends’ to begin bullying.

    A social network known as Kidzworld professes to offer an environment that’s both fun and safe for children between the ages of 9 and 16 to enjoy. Naturally, this in some respects defeats the object, given that at the age of 13 they can sign up to the majority of social networks anyway. Surprisingly, however, it has 2.1 million users, although this is far fewer than even the least popular social networks.

    A key positive of the network is that the content it shows in a child’s news feed is age appropriate, allowing them to access news articles, movie reviews, music videos and even homework help using their account. The content on the site is moderated to ensure its suitability, as well as ensuring that bullying doesn’t occur.

    With technology playing a large part in the lives of many children, it’s only natural that they are going to want to discover the likes of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, especially when they hear older family members discussing what they saw on Facebook earlier. Allowing children to become more ‘worldly’ by having access to their friends via social networks, while at the same time having access to a news feed full of appropriate content in a controlled environment, therefore makes a great deal of sense.

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