Social media rivals phones in communication stakes

Social media rivals phones in communication stakes

Businesses yet to integrate social media into their internet marketing campaign should be aware that nearly half of Briton’s use sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate in preference to their phone, according to a new poll.

A One Poll survey put out for the ITV programme Daybreak reveals that 48.1% of us prefer to keep in touch with our friends via social sites than by texting or phoning them. In fact, more than a quarter of the 2,000 respondents (26.25%) admitted that they would rather contact friends via such sites than meet up with them in person.

Communication was given as the chief reason for using social media, with 54.15% of those questioned citing it. With sites like Twitter and Facebook, the latter of which turned a decade old this week, allowing for two-way communication between businesses and customers, businesses can use them to tap into users’ keen desire to engage with one another, while also targeting the 26.25% of people who confess to being “addicted” to social media.

Perhaps alarmingly, not far off half of the survey’s participants (47.5%) said that their own nosiness was one of the main reasons they use social media. Other reasons, such as letting off steam (12.7%), building confidence (10.8%) and showing off (8.1%) were given by smaller sections of the respondents.

While some of those surveyed admitted that social media sites have at times left them with feelings of anxiety, depression and envy, it is reassuring that almost half (49.65%) manage to use these sites without any such feelings.

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