Social media not used to full advantage by small businesses

Social media not used to full advantage by small businesses

According to a survey conducted by TalkTalk Business, Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) aren’t harnessing the full benefits of social media. With a plethora of social networking sites available, small businesses could have access to a huge network of new business and marketing opportunities, but only 57 percent of small businesses in the UK are confident in the use of social media.

A mere one percent of SME’s in the UK network using sites like Twitter or LinkedIn, according to the recent research. Although there are numerous benefits for businesses of using social networking sites, including the generation of new business prospects and engaging customers, 43 percent of small businesses do not have the confidence to utilise social media. The most confident area in the UK is the North East, with 69 percent of SME’s maximising the benefits of social media. The least likely to harness the power of social media is the South West, with 39 percent using social media sites as part of their SEO strategy.

The managing director of TalkTalk Business, Paul Lawton said:

“Social media can prove invaluable as a new business tool and so it’s worrying to see that so few SME’s are embracing it. Its business benefits range from being able to engage and understand the needs of customers and prospects through to gaining insights into target markets and perceptions of your organisation or brand.”

As the survey reveals, social media plays an important role in the search engine optimisation of any business, requiring careful planning to maximise the business benefits.

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