Social media makes it easier to talk to insurance companies

Social media makes it easier to talk to insurance companies

According to research conducted by a marketing agency, 25 per cent of customers are happy to use social media sites to communicate with insurance companies.

The research surveyed 2,000 customers, a quarter of which described themselves as feeling ‘comfortable’ with the thought of them engaging with an insurance company using social media. Half the people in the survey said they would be happy to obtain a quotation using this method.

Interestingly, just under half the respondents, 46 per cent stated that they would make a complaint about bad service using social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. On the positive side, 39 per cent of respondents said they would recommend or ‘like’ a brand using social networking sites.

Kevin Taylor, the chief executive of Gravytrain, the firm that carried out the survey, said that social media is not a central feature of the marketing strategy for insurance companies, as many believe that it focuses mainly on the younger generation. He added that such companies don’t think that people will use the sites to discuss decisions or purchases which are considered to be ‘important.’ The research carried out has indicated that this belief isn’t true and people from all age groups will consider communicating with insurance companies using social media.

Using the likes of Twitter and Facebook as part of a search engine optimisation strategy should be done with caution as people are just as likely to make a complaint using them. An effective SEO plan will take into account the fact that people will complain, and outline methods of responding via such platforms.

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