Social media is the place to go for complaints

Social media is the place to go for complaints

Whether you’re complaining to utility companies or banks, broadband and phone providers or rail companies, working your way to an acceptable conclusion can take an age. Worse still, even getting the process started, or at least an initial response, can be tricky.

However, the days of spending hours on the phone, sending numerous emails back and forth, and, of course, the now almost nostalgia-provoking act of sending a handwritten letter look to be over.

It seems the place to head is to the tailored news feeds of social media, and the best companies at exploiting social as part of their digital marketing strategies have been and continue to take the lead on this. However, not all customers seem to be aware that this is the best channel to go down.

That assumption comes from an episode kicked-off by the Telegraph newspaper’s money section. Prompted by the increasing correspondence it was receiving in regards to npower dealing with customer complaints, the online feature section contacted the energy company directly, on Twitter, with the complaints.

Each complaint was said to have been investigated and resolved “promptly”.

Although the customers concerned were happy, the Telegraph reported that many were frustrated that their efforts along more traditional phone and letter routes had failed. Npower did express regret in this regard, which was particularly embarrassing after its promises of a new and improved customer service initiative.

So, for customers, it looks like the best place to start your complaint is social. For the companies, it seems imperative to establish a customer service team mining social platforms.

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