Social media accounts to be unlocked with a song

Social media accounts to be unlocked with a song

Having recently bought SlickLogin, Google may soon change the way people log in to their accounts forever with the introduction of sound wave technology.

SlickLogin, an Israeli start-up company, uses a unique ‘song’ to help verify someone’s identity. By playing a sound inaudible to the human ear through the user’s speakers, it can be picked up by a smartphone to secure access to an account.

With the start-ups acquisition by Google, it opens up the way for such technology to be used to replace passwords themselves or as part of a two-step verification process. Such a feature would also assist in the reputation management of any company using it, as it would make it harder to hack their social media accounts.

The app’s creators set out to improve security while making access simpler, as they believed that security measures had “become overly complicated and annoying”. While there are other options available today, such as the use of time limited pin numbers and specially coded devices, these can be hacked or require the user to carry the devices at all times. Therefore, analysts are keen to find even more ways to protect people from data theft, with smartphones seen as a simple way forward.

Speaking to the BBC, Sharat Sinha, a vice president of the security firm Palo Alto Networks, emphasised that while there was a need for highly secure technology, convenience was also important. He said that “anything that uses smartphones makes life easier”.

Other security devices with which technology firms are experimenting to protect their clients include biometric scanners, face recognition software and card readers.

Richard is a Web Content Editor at Engage Web. He has had work published in a number of independent magazines and spends much of his spare time writing short stories.

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