Social marketing at a snip

Social marketing at a snip

With firms of all sizes embracing social media to drive brand awareness and manage customer relationships, it is no surprise that new and innovative ways to exploit it come and go. The latest effort by a London barbers, however, could well be a cut above.

Man Made London, a gents’ ‘grooming room’ in the Marylebone area of the capital, is offering trims, essentially, for free. Instead of handing over cash or swiping their card, customers can ‘pay’ for their styling just by mentioning Man Made in their tweets or timelines.

As companies look at novel ways to invigorate and spice up their newsfeeds, how successful the campaign becomes will be one to watch with interest.

The barber shop has teamed up with online retailer Yes-sir.com for the project, which will run for three days between the 18th and 20th September.

Customers to the pop-up store will then have the option to pay for a beard trim or wet shave by simply broadcasting #ShavemeSir, together with a photo of the results, and posting it to social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Talking about the plan, the co-founder of Yes-sir.com, Rupa Ganatra, said:

“We’re excited to be launching this unique pop-up shop with Dan Gregory and the Man Made team. Both our brands are active on social media, enjoy engaging with loyal supporters and customers and we are excited to create a unique and enjoyable experience for them as a way of saying thank you.”

Man Made founder Dan Gregory backed Ganatra, saying that the launch of ‘London’s first social pop-up barbers’ will allow the firm to showcase its services.

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