Sochi sees significant social surge

Sochi sees significant social surge

The Winter Olympics event in Sochi garnered massive social media attention on its opening day last week, according to a recent study.

The research, carried out by Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, showed that on the event’s launch day, there were 854,226 conversations across social platforms that used the word ‘Sochi’.

It was found that the slopestlye and figure skating events had gained the most attention, as they hit 20,451 and 60,080 mentions respectively. #Sochi2014 turned out to be the most widely used hashtag, as it was used in more than 218,000 posts.

A number of other hashtags associated with this year’s Winter Olympics also ranked among the top 10 – including #WinterOlympics, #Olympics, #Sochi and #Olympics2014.

The hashtag #SochiProblems garnered more than 35,000 mentions, following reports that some journalists and athletes had arrived at the Games to find that their rooms were not ready, with some still under construction.

According to a report in The Drum, as of Monday there had been nearly 2.5 million conversations about the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Despite the event’s popularity within the social sphere, those following the athletes on Twitter or Facebook might have been disappointed to see no official video content of the Games appearing on their news feeds; according to a report in GeekWire, the International Olympic Committee has banned all athletes and ‘accredited persons’ from posting video or audio clips of the event on social media.

While the Committee does permit participants to record content for their own sake, it must not be captured using professional recording material. Detailed rules regarding participants’ publication of written content have been set out; writing, for example, must be produced in a ‘diary-type format’ and written in the first-person.

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