Small businesses told to focus on social media marketing

Small businesses told to focus on social media marketing

Delegates representing smaller companies at The Mortgage Event (TME) 2011, were warned to focus more of their efforts on their social marketing strategies.

The advice came from one of the guest speakers at the event, who said that by embracing social media, new and existing revenue streams could be improved.

The use of Facebook and Twitter is a popular way for many small companies to get their message across to their target demographics. However, relying solely on these channels does risk missing out on the large numbers still not using such sites.

It is for this reason that businesses need to also look at their wider online strategy.

Whenever there is something to say, be it to existing clients or a wider audience, it is important the message hits the web first. This way, what is being said and how it is being said can be controlled, stay relevant and on topic, and engage with the consumer.

Much of the focus of this will be on search engine optimisation (SEO) of course. Here again though, the strategy of SEO can only be enhanced by successful use of social media.

According to the advice put to the delegates in Bristol, the uplift can be as high as 60%.

Whilst not rousing, the speech did make a good point; that businesses of all size need to be more aware of how they are seen on the internet. As more and more business goes online too, it is something which is only going to be more relevant.

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