Sky plans to overtake internet rivals by developing cloud recording

Sky plans to overtake internet rivals by developing cloud recording

BSkyB is setting out to combat the threat from internet-based platforms by altering its subscription packages, and renovating its services, through the introduction of cloud recordings.

According to reports from news suppliers, Sky’s latest strategy, named Project Ethan, will see a system developed for cloud-based recordings for Sky+ users as opposed to traditional hard-drive storage.

It is believed that the cloud service would keep recordings saved in a centralised data centre, and would allow users to access saved programmes from all compatible devices. The new system will allow users to pause both live and on-demand content on one device, and then resume their viewing from a different device, including portable platforms such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

This plan comes as a bid to outdo rivals such as Netflix and Amazon, which provide on-demand content for subscribed users via their internet connections. These companies are revolutionising the way in which consumers interact with their televisions, meaning that Sky has to shake things up if it wishes to remain competitive in the industry.

Sky is also believed to have plans to change its subscription packages in the future, as the firm’s intentions to release content in Ultra HD continue to progress quickly. The introduction of Ultra HD means a new set-top box would need to be created for those who wish to have this service, once made available.

Reports suggest that the technology can be developed and made commercially viable within the next two years.

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