Site uptime and its effects on SEO

Posted on September 6, 2009


We’ve already written this week about how your choice of hosting can affect your SEO, such as the physical location of your server and the reliability of your host. However, we didn’t stress enough the importance of monitoring your website’s uptime with regards to not just your SEO, but your conversions on your website.

Imagine that your website is a physical store. If your store keeps disappearing from view on the high street, or is constantly shut when customers come to buy from you, your customers will soon look elsewhere. This is obvious, yet so many website owners forget to treat their websites in the same way.

Your website is your business online and if it’s inaccessible by your customers you’ll struggle to make any money from it. Your customers will look elsewhere and the search engines will visit your website less frequently and rank it lower in the SERPs.

You should be constantly monitoring your website to make sure that it doesn’t go down and cost you money, especially over the weekend when your staff will be less likely to notice it. There’s nothing worse than starting the week off by realising that your website has been down all weekend, costing you money.

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