Should my web copy be self promotional?

Should my web copy be self promotional?

One of the most common mistakes people make with their web copy is that they make it too salesy, too self promotional. When you’re writing articles and blogs for your website you want someone to be interested in reading it, you want them to bookmark your website, return later and to send links to your website to their friends.

For this to happen, your content needs to be interesting. It needs to be unique, well written and insightful. It needs to be humorous, memorable and worth them sharing with their friends.

If your content is nothing more than blogs about your latest products, why you’re better than your competitors, your latest offers and how people can order from you why would anyone be interested in reading it, let alone sharing it with others?

Writing self promotional content is poor for users, and it’s poor for SEO as well. Google wants websites that offer useful information, not sales sheets on their latest products. You need to be subtle with your content and offer your users something useful, something they will want to read.

Would you be interested in a blog that just tried to sell you something with every post?

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