Should I space my website content out or add it all at once?

Should I space my website content out or add it all at once?

A question often asked about adding content to websites is whether the content needs to be added sporadically or can it be added all at once? For example, if you’ve written ten posts about your industry should you upload it to your website straight away, or should you space it out over a period of a few hours, or a few days?

The answer lies in how often you want Google to visit your website to index it. If you’re happy for Google to visit your site every few days at best then by all means, add the content all at once and don’t touch it again for a month. Then Google will see one update, with lots of new pages, and nothing for a long time to come.

If however you want Google to visit your website every day to index your website, constantly checking your site for updates and caching your new pages, then you should space your content out to make sure that you have daily updates.

The more regularly you update your content, the better it is for your site. It’s like going to the gym. If go once a month and do a heavy session you won’t be doing your body any good, you’ll be endangering your fitness and won’t find you’re helping either your weight or your attempts to build muscle. If you go every day and do a lighter session, you’ll get fitter.

Add content to your website every day and see how much fitter your website gets.

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