Should I ever close comments on my posts?

Should I ever close comments on my posts?

On some websites built in WordPress, or other content management systems, you’ll notice that comments on posts have been disabled. In some cases, website owners like to leave comments open for a short period of time just after the post has been published, say for the three months or so, and then close them down.

This is generally done so that old subjects aren’t gone over for debate when the website author wants to move on to newer subjects. Disabling comments altogether is often done because the website owner doesn’t want to spend time moderating them, deleting the spam comments and have to respond to questions or criticism.

Of course, both of these actions are wrong. Comments should always be left open on your posts because when people post comments to your website it’s free content for your site. Google indexes comments and your website will receive traffic based on the content of the comments.

Comments also act as a way of encouraging people to return to your website to see who has replied to them, or what the general feel of their comment has been. Comments are interactive, which is the essence of the Internet. By disabling comments you’re denying your website a great opportunity for traffic and content.

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