Should I cross link my posts?

Posted on August 5, 2009


One of the most basic ways of maximising your content is by cross linking your posts when you write about a subject that you have already covered. For example, if you write about a particular aspect of your industry and then do a follow up post some weeks or months later, link back to your original post using keyword rich anchor text.

We wrote a post two months ago about cross linking articles and how it benefits SEO, and by writing this post as well we’re able to link back to the original post. By anchoring the text ‘cross linking’ Google will know that this article is about cross linking, as is the first article.

You can make the most of this by looking at your web stats to see what articles have brought you the most traffic, and what search terms people have been searching on to find them. When you have the search terms, see where you rank in Google for those search terms. If you rank on the first page, or top of the second page, write another article with that exact search phrase as your title, use it again in your new article and linking that phrase to the first article. This will improve your ranking for that phrase and ensure that you get more traffic for that phrase.

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