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Posted on December 15, 2012


A new feature was recently launched by Google, which will let users share interests with other people. Since its launch, Google+ Communities has been compared to Facebook Groups. Communities, which are either private or public, can be created by users who want to share a specific subject with others. Since the launch of the new feature, a number of public communities have been created including cooking, parenting, Linux, photography, space, running, sports and video games.

For users who create a public community it’s possible to request a moderator for approval before another user is accepted into the community. It is also possible to hide a private community from the search function on Google+. To access a private community group, a user must have a direct link. Guidelines can also be set up in the ‘About’ section, in addition to adding topics for discussion. Similar posts in communities may all be grouped together and categorised. When a user joins a community, Google+ will display other communities which are similar to the ones already joined, ton help users find other groups they may want to join. A search facility is also available to search for communities which may interest you.

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of Google spoke of the number of users of Google+, saying that 500 million users have moved from a basic Google account to a Google+ account. As Google+ makes improvements and more people flock to sign up for the social media site, businesses may have to make some changes to their SEO campaign. Search engine optimisation involves social media and new features like Google+ Communities can have a huge effect on SEO.

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