Sexiest Video Ever is Facebook malware attack

Sexiest Video Ever is Facebook malware attack

Facebook users who have tried to watch something branded as the ‘sexiest video ever’ will have been disappointed recently as their efforts met with nothing but malware and popup ads. The supposed video has been doing the rounds of user profiles on Facebook, showing up as a wall post on people’s profiles. The video link promises a sexy video of a woman on an exercise bike, but there is no video at all – merely a link to download a codec that is supposedly required to play it.

Naturally, there is no codec either, just some very harmful malware laden with adverts and pop-ups.

Websense features a blog on the malware attack, showing exactly what to look out for. They have even created the following video showing you what happens and how to avoid it.

Note, this video is not the sexiest video ever, merely a video showing what happens if you happen to fall for the trap of trying to watch the sexiest video ever on Facebook.


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