Seven ways to lose customers

Seven ways to lose customers

In the words of the 1970s Simon & Garfunkel song there are ‘fifty ways to leave your lover’. In the cut-throat world of online business dealings, there are only seven unforgiving traps

1) Incorrect spelling, or the bad form of using US spellings on a British web site, is instant suicide and opens the site up to ridicule. Avoid this by making sure that your spell-checker is not set to US English.

2) Bad grammar is unforgivable; it’s just a form of laziness. There are plenty of guides available and falling into the trap of relying on the dubious grammatical elements of a spell-checker is just not good enough

3) Not refreshing your content. I don’t mean clicking the refresh button; I mean updating your content regularly and adding new items. If you want customers to check your site once a week, then have something new for them each time. If you want traffic to hit the site more frequently, then provide more frequent content.

4) Having plain text and dull themes is going to turn most potential customers away. Look at your site from the customers’ view point

5) Having flowery text and too much animation makes for a ‘busy’ site, but not one which will generate more business

6) Generating content in-house with amateurs, instead of outsourcing content writing to a professional writer.
7) Not recognising the skill of professional writers who are adept at producing pertinent blogs and articles.

The above points are really just common sense, but it’s amazing how often they are ignored by so-called ‘savvy’ business people.

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