Seven tips for writing good web content

Seven tips for writing good web content

Good writing, like all business skills, is hard graft. There is nothing airy-fairy and literary about it, you have to work hard, putting in “99% of perspiration for every 1% of inspiration” (Thomas Edison, 1902). A business brief to revive a flagging, dull web site is no easy feat and is a great responsibility. If you do not get it right, then business and web traffic will not increase and the clients will have wasted their money. The following tips will help you avoid blocks and moribund copy and gain results
1) Research the product, client and environment thoroughly before writing the first word.

2) Never rely on the spell-checker, it has a habit of defaulting to US English and it often has no idea about correct grammar.

3) Keep writing and reviewing your work.

4) If you experience a block, go for a walk, a swim or bake a cake, anything to stop you dwelling on it.

5) Jot down ideas as they occur, it’s amazing how useful they can be when re-written to suit a brief.

6) Read a quality newspaper daily, not just the online version, there is so much fascinating information in them for future use.

7) Take heed of any corrections and feedback from your editors, they know what they are talking about.

This list is mainly common-sense, and the sort of advice that quality article submission services provide for the freelance writers, who provide the majority of the blogs and articles, that make up the lucrative business of outsource content writing.

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