SEOs should become Indiana Jones

SEOs should become Indiana Jones

indiana-jonesEveryone knows the music. Picture it now… da da da-da, da de da – a man swinging on strange, foreign vines; da da da-da, da de da da daa – he draws closer; da da da-da, da de DAA – he lands in front of you; da de DA da de DA and so on – he’s dressed in a rumpled suit and has a stack of detailed notes in his hand. You will recognise him instantly, even though he’s not the only form the women and men of his trade take on: he’s your handy SEO consultant.

Although you won’t find the average search engine optimisation consultant swinging from computer cable to computer cable like Lucas and Spielberg‘s college-professor-turned-hero, Indiana Jones, the life of a truly dedicated search engine optimisation expert is surprisingly similar. A combination of in-depth research and education, experiment and treasure hunting is required to achieve harmony with the search engines on an ongoing basis – including the all important ability to ‘make this up as I go’.

Without this spirit of adventure, SEO careers can die in the bud. This is because search engine optimisation is such a changeable field. The certainties of today are the fallacies of tomorrow. Even more important, any SEO professional who isn’t willing to stalk out into the jungle of the Internet and hunt down the treasures of good optimisation strategies isn’t going to get your website very far.

When choosing your search engine optimisation company, look for the online equivalent of the guy in the funky fedora with the impressive whip skills. Their mix of expertise and creativity is what you need, not the black hat methods employed by white hat wearing, Nazi collaborating Belloq.

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