Seocompany.com – keywords in your domain name?

Seocompany.com – keywords in your domain name?

The domain name ‘seocompany.com’ was purchased recently by the US SEO company, Buildtelligence Web Solutions, for an undisclosed sum. This may beg the question why would a company that already has a website, found here, want to register another domain name just to point a contact form at?

Obviously the keywords in the domain ‘seocompany.com’ are ‘SEO Company’, which is one of the phrases searched for by people looking for SEO agencies. Having those keywords in the domain means that seocompany.com ranks fairly well for the search, which of course means it will get a fair amount of traffic for the phrase. Buildtelligence Web Solutions naturally want to take advantage of the traffic for their business, but is a domain with keywords in really that important?

The answer is yes and no. It is much easier to rank a website for a search term if that website contains the search term in the domain. However, it’s not essential, especially if you have an existing website with some degree of history and strength, as Buildtelligence Web Solutions has. That’s why they’re using the URL seocompany.com as a portal rather than as their own website. Their website is stronger.

It’s often tempting for people to swap their company website for a keyword rich domain, but our advice would be not to do that. In doing so you could be weakening your brand identity, swapping an established domain for a brand new one and generally making an SEO mistake.

How Buildtelligence Web Solutions has done it almost the best way to do it. Run it as a separate website and benefit from the referrals for sure, but make it so obvious that it’s your website?

Perhaps a little more guile would work better.

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