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    Not all businesses want or are able to outsource their SEO to a third party search engine optimisation company, preferring to keep their Internet marketing in-house. Perhaps they have their own established department handling SEO, or maybe they have a Web department learning the finer points of different optimisation techniques and how they impact on your search rankings.

    If this applies to your company, then an SEO blueprint from Engage Web will be of interest.

    An SEO blueprint is a detailed document specifically catered towards your website and your Internet marketing efforts. The blueprint examines where you are now in the marketplace, where you want to be and highlights exactly what needs to be done to get you there. The SEO blueprint will contain specific information on how to optimise your website and what you need to change.

    What if you do outsource your SEO but you’re in a contract?

    Many companies who outsource their SEO are tied into contracts with their SEO company so cannot change their SEO provider without terminating their contract, usually at great expense. An SEO blueprint is perfect for this situation because Engage Web won’t touch your website in any way (which in many cases would void your contract with your SEO company), but instead we would evaluate the work performed by your current SEO company. This is useful to you if you believe you may not be getting the best service from your SEO provider, if you just want peace of mind that they’re doing a good job or simply want another opinion.

    Benefits of an SEO blueprint

    • Your in-house department can identify SEO gaps in your website
    • Will identify potential mistakes and explain how to rectify them
    • Can be used to confirm your current SEO company’s work

    Contact Engage Web today to find out more about SEO blueprint reports and how your website can benefit.

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