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    One of the services we offer is a free analysis of the SEO requirements of your website. This service, which looks at your website’s content and current SEO standing in the search engines, is something we offer to give you an idea of the unique needs of your site.

    This simple process begins when you fill out the form below.

    What is Free SEO analysis?

    Free SEO analysis is exactly what it says on the box. When you submit a request, we examine your website to see which areas are your SEO strengths and which are your weaknesses. If you’ve never performed search engine optimisation before, it’s likely that this free SEO analysis will bring up things you may have never thought about.

    The report on your site will look at a number of areas of your website, including:

    • Current situation in terms of SEO
    • Any major code issues and other site problems
    • Suggestions/recommendations for how we can help you to improve your situation

    This kind of analysis is essential when you’re first thinking about SEO. Most business owners are unable to approach optimisation because they don’t know where their site currently stands. Our free SEO analysis allows you to pick up any major issues, gain perspective on your current position and see where you could make improvements to increase sales, traffic or generate leads.

    The free SEO analysis offered by us at Engage Web is available both for site owners completely new to SEO and to those who may have had some optimisation before. Our analysis will identify the areas where your site needs work and is the first step in any search engine optimisation plan. After accessing a free SEO analysis, you’re under no obligation to us – we’re happy to chat about any questions you have.

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