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    Facebook: is your business just ‘liked’ or loved on Facebook?

    Facebook was once all about socialising with friends but, as with many behemoths of the Internet, this huge social media site has become a business essential. Businesses can use Facebook as an alternative to traditional marketing, as a social hub, and to keep in touch with customers.

    If you’ve never considered creating a Facebook Page, it’s probably time to start. There are significant marketing and search engine optimisation advantages to being active on Facebook, not least of which is that a Facebook Page can help you take up another position in the SERPs.

    Here are some tips we recommend to all clients when using Facebook:

    • Complete pages and profiles are more trustworthy. Leaving gaps in your Facebook Page or profile can raise questions, so it’s best to provide as much information as possible
    • Consider carefully before registering a custom URL for your business Facebook Page as, once chosen, it cannot be changed
    • Make it personal. Facebook Pages tend to be more successful when they’re used as a genuine method of communication. Bear in mind how your target audience is using Facebook. Frequently, doing things like adding staff photos, news updates and blog extracts helps your customers to make a connection
    • Read the terms and conditions. Most business owners thoroughly examine the small print of all the terms and conditions they come across, but it can be easy to overlook those of a social media site. These sites do have rules, and if you break them you potentially put weeks – or years – of marketing work to waste. It’s important to know the rules so that you can make sure you play by them. Of particular interest are the rules on operating business accounts, the prohibition of multiple accounts and the rules on running competitions or promotions

    At Engage Web, you can rely on our expertise and experience in this area. We can advise you on the best ways to reach your business goals through Facebook.

    Using Facebook on your website

    You may have got a handle on how Facebook works, but have you ever thought about bringing it home? One of the major advantages of Facebook is how easy it is to bring some Facebook touches back to your own website and vice versa. Adding extras like using an application to direct a blog feed onto your Facebook profile, and featuring Facebook buttons on your site’s pages, can help bring your target audience home. You can even link your website with Facebook so that visitors to your website can post on your site using their Facebook profiles.

    Bringing Facebook home to your website has some significant advantages. Internet users tend to react well to sites that show an affiliation with social media sites, as it is a common point of interest. Elements such as Facebook ‘like’ buttons also help keep your site constantly updated, as well as promoting you on the site itself.

    At Engage Web, we take a holistic approach to Internet marketing, recognising that everything on the net tends to feed into everything else. This is why it’s so important to integrate all forms of Internet marketing and SEO.

    Could Facebook be your missed opportunity?

    Talk to our team for more information on how to work Facebook into your online marketing plan.

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