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    Hands up who likes receiving spam… nobody? We thought not. Luckily email marketing isn’t about spam, it’s about offering people who have already expressed an interest in your business some advice, information or offers which will be useful to them.

    What email marketing isn’t

    We’re willing to bet, if you’ve checked your email today, you’ll have received a spam email or two. We’re fairly sure of this because the figures for 2013 reveal as much as 70% of email traffic is spam – this figure is much higher for some, especially if you own role-based email addresses (such as admin@, info@ or sales@ for your own domain).

    It’s important to stress that email marketing is not spam. It’s not about sending unsolicited bulk emails to people who have not agreed to receive your email, using mailing lists you have purchased or rented from third parties. Nobody likes to receive this type of email, and it only serves to alienate the vast majority of the people who receive it.

    Email marketing is about engaging with your existing database of customers, clients and contacts, and should be used alongside other marketing methods such as content marketing and social media. These additional methods are also used to grow your email marketing database, making your email marketing even more valuable.


    One of the best features of email marketing through Engage Web is the easy to identify return on investment (ROI). Our email marketing services come with complete and comprehensive reports on emails delivered, who received them, who opened them, who engaged with them (such as clicking on a link, sharing via social media or forwarding to a friend) and what they did when they visited your website.

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