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    Directory submissions: are your directory submissions effective?

    When it comes to getting your business listed all over the net, many believe quantity is much more important than quality. Here at Engage Web, we know that quality is a much more important factor in all areas of SEO, even when it comes to directory submissions. Here’s why.

    Picture two websites. The first site is desperate for directory entries, so they’ve gone for the quickest route possible. They’ve downloaded some automatic directory submission software and have contacted a company promising thousands of submissions, who are using much the same software themselves. Between the two programs, the site does end up with thousands of mentions in web directories, many of them duplicate. Those directories are mostly backwater sites and link farms. When the search engines come to examine the resulting profile, it’s patchy, poor, and full of low-authority sites.

    The second site however, has opted to invest a little more time in its directory submissions. It takes the time to research the more established directories with authority, and it’s using manual submissions, which mean its submissions are more likely to be accepted once reviewed. The resulting list of directory listings is not only looking better for the search engines, but they’re actually attracting some human traffic too because the directories are real and relevant.

    There are both paid and free directories available and it can take time to sift through the thousands of available directories. Paid and free directories each have their own qualities, pros and cons.

    Many of the free directories disappear after a short period, wasting that valuable submission time, although some are more established and worth the effort. Our experience at Engage Web is that sites benefit from the right combination of directories and, when you work with our established team, you benefit from our expertise and experience.

    Search engines don’t like a rush job

    Another consideration site owners should have with directory submissions, and indeed all kinds of link building campaign, is the search engines’ view. SEO professionals know that search engines get suspicious of ‘miracle link profiles’. If a site’s profile looks poor one day, and shows a miraculous improvement the next, then the search engines tend to suspect that some kind of shady manoeuvring has gone on.

    As you might guess, the reaction to fast, huge changes in link profiles is not a positive one and, once penalised in the search engines, a recovery can be difficult. There are instances when you can get away with attracting many links in a short time. Directory submission building is not one of those times, so it’s important to be careful.

    Our team at Engage Web works at the cutting edge of online marketing and stays up to date with the latest and best directories to use for any given optimisation plan, meaning we can ensure your website benefits from the best use of this SEO method.

    Quality is a long term plan

    It wasn’t too long ago that Google tightened its criteria on paid directory submissions and submissions to those who don’t meet the guidelines can do more harm than good. An SEO plan that features a whole bunch of automatic directory submissions will possibly get you some short-term results but could ultimate results in getting your pages kicked off the index.

    The right directory submissions, as part of your search engine optimisation plan, can greatly enhance your website’s SEO campaign and even help with specific searches.

    Are you making the most of directory submissions?

    Contact our team at Engage Web for more ideas on directory submissions as part of a long-term SEO strategy.

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