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    Article submissions for SEO: could article submissions boost your website?

    In any search engine optimisation campaign, there are a number of different tactics you can use. As search engines tighten their criteria and seek ways to hunt out those using old-fashioned ‘black hat’ techniques, the process of article creation and article submissions has become increasingly important.

    Article marketing is a great way to advertise your business and build your SEO at the same time. It involves a mixture of skills, including the flair for writing interesting or informative pieces combined with the knowledge of writing for SEO. There are many ways that these articles can then be used to build your site’s authority and relevance, boosting its rankings and traffic-generating opportunities significantly and there is a real skill in ensuring your articles are used to the fullest effect.

    The varied approaches to article submissions

    Furthering a site’s SEO through article submissions has been a tactic used by optimisation companies for a long time, and consequently there are those who have jumped on the bandwagon. It can be tempting to use some of the well-advertised software for automated article writing. Known as article spinning, there are a number of programs that will automatically ‘re-spin’ old articles. However, these don’t always make sense as the systems tend to replace synonyms with incorrect nuances. Nothing beats the touch of a human writer and we only use writers with English as their first language.

    There are also automatic submission software programs available that will crawl the Internet seeking out likely article sites. Although this approach cuts down the tedious hours of filling out article submission forms all over the web, it does have a few inherent limitations:

    *Site skipping: One of the most important aspects of article submission is the choice of category. Much like choosing keywords, if you choose the wrong category you miss out on audience. If the category you’ve named doesn’t fit with the article site’s list, automatic software will just give up

    *Irrelevance: As you might guess, many article sites have different submission requirements. It’s difficult to design a program to cover them all, particularly as the high-quality article sites try to block automatic submissions where possible. Relevant categories may be missed, causing your article to be rejected and the chances are you will miss out on some highly relevant link building opportunities

    *Automatic rejection: In general, the lack of individual attention to each article site means that many of the better article sites may reject you, meaning you miss out on valuable links

    With approaches like these, what you cut down on in time you lose out on in quality.

    The personal approach is usually the best one, even with SEO, and this means doing article submissions manually. Manual submission allows you to track down the best aspects of each article site, meaning that each article submission counts for more. It also means a better hit rate.

    How Engage Web can help

    Copy becomes old very quickly. Article submissions are an on-going process but, by working to build your portfolio of articles, updating and tweaking your strategy and navigating the complicated process of pleasing both users and search engines at the same time, your article submissions will become a backbone to your SEO, ensuring your message reaches the widest audience possible in the right manner.

    Article creation and submissions are a time-consuming process. Happily, article submissions are something that we at Engage Web include in our SEO plans. We also offer SEO content provision services with quality writers and journalist-qualified editors, meaning you can leave the whole process in our capable hands. This takes the pressure off time-poor clients and guarantees quality article submissions that are sure to enhance the search engine optimisation plans we design.

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