SEO: Sweat the small stuff

SEO: Sweat the small stuff

Usually, even the most devoted of those in SEO careers would be hard pressed to write poetry about their profession. It was William Blake who wrote that ‘to see a world in a grain of sand’ was like holding infinity in the palm of your hand. I will admit that Blake may not have been envisioning search engine optimisation when he wrote it, not unless the old guy was vastly ahead of his time, but he did get it bang on. Good SEO is all about seeing a world in a grain of sand… or a few pixels, as the case may be.

A lot of businesses get it wrong because they envision big things for SEO. They hear about the success of techniques and jump right to ‘We’ll get to number 1 on Google!’ What they forget about is the amount of fine-tuned attention it takes to make that somewhat meaningless goal.

Many bloggers succeed because they do devote attention to the small stuff. They pay attention to the quality of every piece of their content, not just keywords. They reply to comments, invest in organic link building, and pay obsessive attention to the tags on their webcasts. This attention to detail is a little OCD, but it’s exactly what gets solid rankings that last.

Concentrating on every step of your SEO is the most certain path to success. The internet may be a world of its own, but every tiny grain of your site helps hold up your rankings.

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