SEO, Pandas and the Borg

Posted on May 10, 2011


What do you get when you take a cute, cuddly panda, introduce it to SEO, and cross it with the Star Trek universe’s ultimate techno-villains, the Borg? If you’re picturing some kind of rampaging, Terminator-esque bear with access to the net, you’re probably a Trek fan. If not, you’ve just come across your basic plan for coping with the Panda Update.

Google’s infamous Panda Update, also known as the Farmer Update, has pushed content to prime position for SEO survival. Content used to be one of the basic SEO jobs to do, but after Google cracked down on low-grade content, it’s become one of the more vital things to look at. Whether you’re selling specialised software or Cheshire cheese, you need to reassess your content plan.

Google’s main beef is with sites that act like the Borg. Like those cyborg drones, sites have taken to grabbing any content within reach, changing it slightly, and claiming it as their own. This approach has produced lots of content… lots of Borg-like boring content.

To stay ahead of the Panda robots, you need fresh approaches. This will involve a little more investment and a lot more thinking. The smart plan, post-Panda, should be to source ideas, plan thoroughly and invest in quality writing.. As time goes by, it’s becoming apparent that genuinely informative text constructed around keywords is far more valuable than text with keywords thrown in, so base your content ideas on your keyword groups.

Plan your content thoroughly post-Panda. Resistance is futile.

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