SEO lessons learned from Twilight

Posted on March 31, 2011


If there’s something the Twilight series should have taught us, it’s that just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good.

Anyone who has a teenage daughter in the house will have heard of the Twilight series, and just about everyone else will have as well. The brooding, sparkly vampires and rampaging (and also brooding) werewolves have had a mass appeal, if not a critical one. For some of us, the whole thing has been much like being attacked by one of the series’ characters – having our souls sucked dry of any interest whatsoever.

There are some site owners who have had a similar experience with content scraping. Scraping sucks the value out of content, sapping the life of the original site and giving the scraping site the existence of the undead.

1. What do do if you’ve been scraped: You may have to fight for your content. One of your major SEO jobs should be to sort this situation. Your search engine optimisation company should help you with the appropriate measures where necessary.

2. What to do if you’re scraping: Stop. Google is cracking down on scraping, and the content you’re accumulating could end up killing you. Much like a vampire, your site will go down in flames under Google’s searchlight (or, if you’re Stephanie Meyer, go all sparkly).

Make the content on your site the best you can, address any content scraping issues as quickly as possible and reap the benefits through your search engine optimisation campaign.

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