SEO is the stuff of movies

Posted on April 3, 2011


Fact: in the movies, the little guy always wins. We all know it. There’s some small contender who desperately wants to succeed, but some big and influential type stomps all over them. It looks bad for the little guy for a while, but ultimately, he has a realisation, overcomes adversity, and comes out on top. Rocky did it, Rambo did it. (Quite a few others not played by Sylvester Stallone did it as well, but they didn’t quite have the same impact for me).

We all also know that it doesn’t generally work this way in the business world. In business, big companies have more power. This makes it hard for a small business to build itself up. On the internet, however, the possibility of making it big is much greater. All it takes is smart use of search engine optimisation tactics.

1. Small means manoeuvrability. One huge advantage small businesses have on the net is that they can act fast. As change happens so fast on the net, this puts small business in a better position. Small businesses tend to do well with social media and micro SEO tactics.

2. Offline recognition means little online. The net presents a more level playing field, something search engine optimisation experts routinely take advantage of. Whole SEO careers have been built on easy defeats of behemoth corporations.

Small businesses aren’t restricted to just local SEO. If you’re operating a small business in the Wirral or elsewhere in the UK, start thinking of SEO in blockbuster terms.

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