SEO is a recession beater

SEO is a recession beater

With the current financial climate causing many companies to cut back on their expenses, one area that doesn’t seem effected is in Internet marketing, or search engine optimisation to be specific.

Staffing costs can be expensive, offline advertising is costly and business trips can break the bank, but the low cost of SEO compared with the very high returns means that SEO is flourishing in an otherwise floundering economy.

According to Aaron Kahlow, the chief executive at this year’s Online Marketing Summit conference, because of the recession companies are looking for cheaper alternatives to attract new business.

Mr Kahlow stated:

And there’s almost no one out there who won’t say SEO is now number one by far, with email a close second.

A recent report from Forrester Research backed up Mr Kahlow’s belief that SEO and online marketing was set to increase, with ad spend in the USA (including SEO and PPC) expected to go as high as £33.6 billion in the next five years.

SEO is expected to far outstrip PPC in terms of spend as web users become more savvy, and ignore sponsored links in favour of the natural search results.

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