SEO ignorance is not bliss

SEO ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is bliss‘. Whoever came up with this phrase sure knew their fellow man. It’s precisely what we all want to believe when it comes to awareness of the outside world. However, in SEO, like many things, ignorance is definitely the opposite of bliss, at least eventually.

Ignorance is the source of a lot of frustration and despair when it comes to search engine optimisation. It is the downfall for millions of websites, the cause of a lot of hard work in fixing problems, and how many dodgy SEO companies make their money.


One scam runs like this. A less-than-reputable SEO company trawls the net for the email addresses of site owners. They send out a personalised letter noting some errors on the site, promising to fix them for a fee. The alarmed site owner pays the fee, has a minimum of work done, and is left with a site no better off than it was before.

There are many other ways an unknowledgeable site owner can suffer from ignorance, many of them more well-intentioned than the one above. The best way for any site owner to arm themselves against being taken for a ride is through research. Although SEO is an area where you might want to hire a specialist, it’s a very good idea to read up as much as you can before choosing your SEO company. It is equally helpful to continue your research after your site has been optimised, to best judge when your site will need a few tweaks.

SEO: what you don’t know can harm you.

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