SEO enters marketing mainstream

Posted on August 8, 2012


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has launched a Search Council, showing that the world of search is increasingly an integral part of marketing strategy.

To many with SEO jobs, the move will not be a surprise but, it does highlight how search itself has changed in the last few years.

The main innovation in this regard has been how the search engines have adopted social media, through integrating listings in their SERPS. For companies it shows the importance of having well managed SEO campaigns, ideally formed to exploit any variety of platforms.

This includes mobile, which has seen a tremendous rate of change. Boosted by the constant adaptability of smartphone manufacturers, consumers are now searching on the go in huge volumes, making mobile search engine optimisation a huge landscape for innovation.

What is ever more essential though is that one campaign is coherent across all platforms. Keeping this consistency allows the customer to develop a lasting relationship with a brand, which they can rely on know matter where they are and what platform they are using.

From TV and radio, to online ads, and mobile apps, every promotion needs to remain focused on the same subject, keep to topic and be delivered in the same voice. Each platform also needs to perform well no matter what device is being used to access it, with each device with its own separate demands.

How the DMA’s new Search Council will develop will be interesting to watch but, it certainly highlights that SEO professionals need to constantly skill up to remain ahead of the competition.

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