SEO does not stop when the traffic arrives

Posted on December 4, 2011


There was an interesting article on searchenginewatch.com this week, which highlighted that whilst SEO is all important for companies today, the work does not stop there.

In the piece, it was claimed that even the best campaigns can ultimately mean nothing if the traffic driven does not produce any conversions.

Essentially, it is all about pleasuring your site’s visitors; so to speak. Though making SEO sexier is always a good idea, this isn’t quite where it all ends.

The first suggestion, which will not surprise many, is that SEO needs to be relevant to the site being pointed at.

Most particularly, the importance of correlating content with page titles, meta descriptions, naming conventions and so on should not be forgotten.

Another area requiring focus is reinforcing funnelling.

Keeping navigation coherent and interesting will help, whilst much the same can be said of turning the keyword searched for, into a meaningful result for the visitor.

A mistake which is often made is in the use of social media platforms.

Every company does need to be on Facebook and Twitter, and needs to show this clearly on their site. However, by linking to the site directly and taking a visitor off the main site is a no-no. Links should open in a new window.

These are all fundamental errors which water down effective SEO campaigns.

As important as it is to get the ayes and tees in the right place with copy, so too is it important that these be dotted and crossed in the right place on site.

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