SEO could learn from Vietnam’s approach to traffic cops

SEO could learn from Vietnam’s approach to traffic cops

The middle of last week (March 6th 2013) saw reports that portly, short and rude traffic police in Vietnam were being removed from the streets. It is a move which the authorities hope will lift the public’s perception of a force troubled with corruption and abuse for many years.

Whilst many will have very differing views on the rights and wrongs of the action, those in the world of search engine optimisation could certainly learn from it.

Talking about the steps being taken in the Vietnamese capital, the Hanoi traffic police chief, Col Dao Vinh Tang was quoted:

“Little officers or those with too big a belly will be moved to work in offices so they do not come into contact with the public.”

There are also reports that cops falling foul of the weight issue will have to undertake regular sessions of exercise, and a code of conduct to control behaviour will be provided to all personnel.

As is alluded to for the traffic police, many websites struggle with overly fat content too, damaging the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. Furthermore, sites often breach the search engine’s codes of conduct or guidelines too, and again fail to rank. Trimming the blubber and having a site full of lean, relevant content can prevent Google giving it a heart attack by diminishing its rankings.

There are also other parallels that can be drawn from the overhaul taking place in Hanoi.

January saw the introduction of specially trained women officers; deployed at key junctions, they are specifically charged with winning over the public.

Similarly, especially experienced content writers can win over a public that websites using untrained writers simply could not.

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