SEO copywriting isn’t always valued

SEO copywriting isn’t always valued

Sometimes even specialists in search engine optimisation do not perceive how much content actually matters. They can be seduced by the technical aspects of search engine optimisation or gripped with a passion for social media. They may therefore neglect how valuable regularly updated content can be in the battle to progress up the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Content is also crucial in persuading a user to return to a site.

It is understandable that some of the finest minds are attracted by the technical side of search engine optimisation. It is exciting to come up with on page and off page strategies. Social media optimisation is thrilling because of the potential to get involved with large audiences. There is also something to contend with which a cultural commentator once described as “the shock of the new.”

While these explanations help us understand why content may sometimes be overlooked, they do not justify its neglect. Imagine a user who visits a site and discovers its content contains numerous mis-spellings and grammatical errors, how does this best portray the company?

SEO copywriting at its best can lend a site an air of authority. It may be able to get users to come back to a site by providing it with news specific to its industrial sector. Content can stimulate the user and provoke debate. It can help develop a community ambience. Effective SEO is about appealing to users and the major search engines; content ticks both the boxes.

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