SEO content out of this world

SEO content out of this world

The latest step towards commercial space flights was made recently when Virgin Galactic’s suborbital spaceship ‘Enterprise’ made its first solo test flight above the Mojave Desert in California. Sir Richard Branson was there to witness the manned spaceship glide back to Earth from 13,700 metres. The project began in 2004 and already there are 370 customers willing to pay £126,000 to experience weightlessness in space. The spaceship will carry eight people, two crew and six passengers and in the first year of flight the target is to carry 500 people into space. The next step is to test the propulsion rocket, which must be fired when the craft leaves the mother ship, in order for it to reach space, 100 kilometres high.

This dream of commercial space flights is becoming a reality due to the drive and vision of the entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Businesses can succeed when these qualities are present, always looking for a fresh approach to attract customers. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one way of achieving this. Business websites need a high ranking on the major search engines to attract new customers. The way this happens is to have pertinent, fresh content, articles or blogs posted regularly on the site so that they are recognised by the search engines’ sophisticated filtering software. A professional SEO writer is experienced in writing this content and it is well worth finding a reputable article writing service that has a large pool of stellar UK copywriters to call upon.

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