SEO content: it’s a jungle out there

SEO content: it’s a jungle out there

When you’re planning content to support your site’s search engine optimisation campaign, you have two options: the lion or the gazelle approach.

1. Lions. Say what you like about lions, they have pizzaz. For an animal which is known mainly for its hunting skill, the lion has great PR. Part of this is because of the hunting skill. When we see a lion take down its prey, it’s damned impressive.

This kind of eye-catching approach is needed when you want immediately ranking content. Famous bloggers and top tweeters are the lions of the internet. They see what they want, and grab it. For your site, this means tracking down the most popular topics and creating content that fits your purpose and has mainstream appeal. Whole SEO careers have been built on well-timed posts.

2. Gazelles. These fleet creatures may not have quite the same star quality as their hunters, but they are extremely impressive nonetheless. With grace and manoeuvrability, they keep themselves out of the lions’ reach.

This is a good approach for long-term SEO stability. Instead of scraping together an article when Katy Perry visits Liverpool, you build content that is relevant and valuable over time. This involves developing your content as a resource, banking on a payoff of traffic and page rankings over a long period of time.

Note: lions and gazelles are not jungle animals. The pedantic will point out that this article promised jungle analogies, but it’s much less impressive to say ‘It’s a savannah out there,’ okay?

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