SEO content isn’t just noise

SEO content isn’t just noise

A very wise person once said that it was

better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

It’s been attributed to a number of stunningly intelligent individuals, from George Eliot to Abraham Lincoln, which is probably an indication of how broadly the aphorism can be applied. No matter who you are, you probably know quite a few people you wish would pay a little more heed to this recommendation.

Such advice is all well and good when in a salon full of intellectuals, but what about when you’re sitting in front of your computer, trying to think up some content to keep your site alive? Thoughtful content isn’t something that fits in easily with a search engine optimisation plan, particularly if you’re working a social media angle. However, the quote still holds true: natter on brainlessly, and no-one will like you.

One of the most common complaints about Twitter posts or Facebook status updates is that the poster doesn’t understand ‘boring.’ No-one wants to hear about an unremarkable business meeting, or that a hairdresser has just gone down the Chester main street. Yet these posts happen all the time. Why? Panic. Needing to say something, people say whatever comes to mind.

If you want your SEO to succeed, you need to plan. This includes content. Everything you say on the net contributes, and every badly-placed word takes away from your impact.

Good SEO content should have wit, or at least intelligence. Without it, you’re just making noise.

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