SEO and internet marketing: Kirk and Picard

SEO and internet marketing: Kirk and Picard

Everyone knows that you can’t really choose between Kirk and Picard. When you’re a Star Trek: Original Series fan, it’s natural that you prefer Captain James T. Kirk. When you’re into Next Gen, you obviously like Captain Jean-Luc Picard better. Yet if you get into a slanging match, there is no real way to prove the dominance of one or the other.

This is because the two are equally relevant to the Star Trek universe. You don’t have to choose.

A similar debate goes on about SEO and other internet marketing. A lot of businesses seem to think they have to go with one or the other. As any search engine optimisation expert will tell you, they’re part of a bigger whole. SEO and internet marketing work in tandem for your site, building up your profile in the internet universe.

This is why most of those in SEO careers also work with PPC and search marketing options. The other forms of internet marketing are frequently used as supports for search engine optimisation campaigns, providing boosts of traffic while the website’s search profile is being built up.

You can and should mix up the different marketing options available to you. Sure, internet marketing is Kirk, while SEO is a bit more Picard, but you can enjoy both. You can even throw a little Janeway social networking into the mix.

Note: the original Enterprise may have a slight edge over its successor, in that it doesn’t have the incredibly annoying Wesley Crusher on board. That’s all I’m saying.

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