SEO 2.0 means back to basics

SEO 2.0 means back to basics

For the past 5-10 years the SEO game of cat and mouse has meant one major thing – that Google has become better and better and seeing SEO tactics and reducing their effectiveness.  Duplicate content, keyword stuffing, H1 abuse, hidden text, paid links – its all helped Google to water the effects of SEO tactics from the experts.

So, what will SEO 2.0 need to be?  From my own perspective, its quite a simple solution and if you have even spent 1 minute reading our company blog at Stuck On, you will know that its the use of ore, fresh, relevant content than that of the competition in your industry.

So, as Google gets more technical and the algorithm becomes much better than it was a few years ago, it means that SEO becomes a more organic process.  Getting the information from industry expert’s heads is effectively SEO 2.0.

Are you doing that, or still messing about with H1 tags?

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