Search marketers taking an interest in campaigns

Search marketers taking an interest in campaigns

A recent survey by a US marketing resource company has found that the majority of search marketers plan campaigns around interest-based methods; targeting campaigns beyond keywords alone, to present ads relevant to the content being read.

This is something of a surprise in many respects as the work involved is deemed by many to be more intensive. It does make a great deal of sense though.

Creating campaigns to respond to the behaviour of customers has been with us for a number of years. It was more than three and a half years ago that Google launched its own interest-based advertising service for example.

From that basic offering, things are now getting more refined and responsive to not just collated data over a period of time, but current trends, often in real time.

This is not the only way the MediaPost survey found that the use of search data will evolve in 2012.

One area that is set to positively explode is the synergy between search campaigns and social campaigns.

Already, nearly two thirds of respondents in the survey said that the data collected from the search campaigns is incorporated into social campaigns.

The data is also being rolled into other online and, interestingly, offline campaigns.

Display advertising through the use of banners and the like benefits particularly from this. Furthermore, data collected from online analysis is starting to be applied to campaigns in the printed press, on billboards and, most notably, included in TV campaigns.

The results of the survey, held at a summit attended by search professionals, do make interesting reading. In summary though, it simply shows that the line between traditional marketing and online marketing is growing ever less distinct.

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