Search engines compete to deliver improved social integration

    Posted on July 27, 2012


    Microsoft Bing and Google are both hard at work trying to make it easier for users to locate and share their search engine results. The search results on Bing will include recommendations from users of Foursquare, while Google is working on a feature which will let users share a link from their results page directly with Google+.

    Microsoft and Google are in competition with each other to find the most effective way to combine search and social content. While Bing teams up with existing social networking companies, Google is content to use Google+. Any recommendations or suggestions regarding locations or businesses which have been shared on Foursquare and have a relevance to the search query or location will be displayed in Bing’s social sidebar, introduced earlier in the year. The user of Bing doesn’t have to be signed in to their social networking site to read the recommendations in the “people who know” area.

    A “share” button has been tested by Google alongside the search results. The “share” button would allow users to post the search result link to their profile on Google+. When a user clicks the “share” link, a pop up box will appear on the page of search results, allowing them to comment on shared links. Although Google search results currently feature the “+1” button, this would be replaced by the “share” button.

    This development could result in more SEO jobs all over the country, including Chester and other towns in the UK. Improvements to Google search can have a huge effect on a business’ SEO campaign.

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