Search engine ranking problems: the modern whodunit

Search engine ranking problems: the modern whodunit

hercule poirotDid you know that Agatha Christie wrote for SEO? Well, obviously the renowned British Queen of Crime and creator of Hercule Poirot was not around for the birth of the Internet, but nevertheless she provides some handy pointers for the average website owner looking to increase their rankings within Google. Namely, every failing ranking is a mystery that must be solved, and the little grey cells hold the answer.

This isn’t as ludicrous as it may seem. As many struggling site owners know, it is often near-impossible to spot the cause of a failing ranking. It really does form an intriguing mystery at times.

Christie gave hard-working programmers working in SEO jobs a few handy hints on how to track down ranking problems. You can behave like some of the writer’s more traditional sleuths, sorting actively through the clues on your site to find the cause of your lack of top ranking. You can take on the persona of the elderly Miss Marple, investigating the sites and people around you for a few hints. You can even act like the great Poirot, gathering all the data and employing your little grey cells.

No matter what particular sleuth you choose as your inspiration, it is a situation that requires a systematic investigation of a number of elements on and around your site. A consistently bad or sudden dip in your rankings should be looked into thoroughly, with all options tracked down carefully. When you want to know the cause of your low ranking, and improve your search engine optimisation, make like a Christie character and solve the mystery.

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