Search ads now open to all Facebook advertisers

Posted on October 23, 2019


After almost a decade of testing ads within the search results of both Marketplace and the news feed, social networking site Facebook has announced that it is introducing search ad placement to all advertisers on the site.

According to Nipoon Malhatra, the Director of Product Management at Facebook, testing has shown that users and advertisers are starting to find value in ads that are appearing in the search results, so the company has decided to introduce these more broadly across the site.

In order to have ads appearing in search results on the site, advertisers can now select ‘automatic placement’ for ads to be placed in the news feed, or they can choose ‘Facebook Search Results’ for placement within Ads Manager when creating an ad campaign. It is noted that the search ad placement is not a standalone option, and advertisers must also run a news feed ad to show up in the search results.

Advertisers will be able to target the people they want through the targeting options, as well as through keywords and search terms. It is highlighted that keywords are to be determined by Facebook and not the advertiser, and it will take into account a number of features, including ad text, category, product, description and title.

Ad placement will be very useful for advertisers who are running sales or conversion-focused campaigns. Through making ad placement available to more advertisers on the site, Facebook is giving marketers access to users who are actively searching for a specific product or service on the site.

With Facebook’s ad inventory becoming even more saturated, these new ad placement options will give advertisers the upper hand by permitting them to run ads in areas of the site that are not yet overrun with advertising from competitor businesses, meaning that those who act quickly can gain an advantage over their rivals.

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