Schoolboy barks back at BMW over car ad

Schoolboy barks back at BMW over car ad

A teenager who successfully forced Tesco to alter the wording on the cartons of its orange juice is now targeting car manufacturer BMW over its incorrect use of grammar in an advert.

The ad, which is running on TV, in cinemas and online, features the slogan:

“It bites as bad as it barks.”

However, despite a month of continued email correspondence with the firm, it seems that Albert Gifford is not going to experience success for the second time.

When he complained to Tesco in March over its use of “most tastiest” instead of ‘most tasty’ or ‘tastiest’, the retailer launched a rebrand. However, BMW have instead said that the play on words will not be changed, despite ‘bad’ not being an adverb.

Claiming artistic licence, a response from Ashley Parker at BMW UK said:

“The advertisement for the BMW 2 Series Coupe is supported by the strap line, ‘Bites as bad as it barks’. The way that this line is presented is deliberate as it draws its intelligence from playing on the well known phrase and duality of this being a BMW with an edge.”

The 15-year-old maintains that this is not good enough, claiming that while he understands the use of short and snappy slogans, the firm should still be accurate in its advertising.

Although BMW’s marketing department is remaining resolute over the ad, anyone writing copy for ads, tailored news feeds or page content should be alert for Gifford’s eagle eyes in the future.

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