Say no to DIY disasters

Posted on March 23, 2011


According to recent research, a massive 61 percent of women interviewed would rather call in an expert than let their husband or partner tackle jobs in the home. Only 58 percent of women considered that their partners were capable of completing even the most basic of tasks. In fact, only 34 percent of women considered their other half capable of the most basic tasks, such as wallpapering or replacing a plug socket.

Despite these figures, 59 percent of men still make an attempt at Do It Yourself around the home. Almost a quarter of men would attempt DIY, regardless of ability and skills. As the housing market has slowed down, many homeowners will consider major home improvements in the coming year, rather than move home. Of the women questioned, 60 percent were considering tackling home improvements. Many jobs should be done by qualified professionals to ensure that the work is completed safely, and to an acceptable standard, whilst complying with legislation. Very often, DIY ends up costing far more than the price of a qualified tradesman, with poor results.

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