Say Ello to ad-free social media

Say Ello to ad-free social media

A new social platform is aiming to put the fun back into networking and take on Facebook with an advert-free system.

That’s the motivation behind Ello, which has seen a healthy take-up over the past few months.

Paul Budnitz, a founder of the site, said:

“Making Ello ad-free was one of the early motivations, Facebook seemed to think I was a middle-aged woman, showing me ads for stockings and high-heeled shoes. We felt not just that the ads were ugly, they often insulted our intelligence.”

Budnitz and a group of six partners devised and implemented Ello 18 months ago and, in its initial usage phase, it was a private network for only a hundred users. In February, it was made available to public users in a beta form and people came on board through invite only. Since then, it has steadily gained support.

When the key social media players began to hit the news for questionable marketing and privacy practices, Ello saw an increase in growth. Indeed, Budnitz claims Ello has seen an increase of 45,000 users every 60 minutes.

Ello still remains an invite-only social media platform, but that’s not say it’s entirely exclusive. Users interested in joining need only request an invite at ella.co.

For digital marketers and SEO specialists, Ello may still seem small. However, if users begin to migrate from the ad-laden traditional social media sites, industry players may need to start to thinking about how to market themselves on an advert-free platform.

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