Save time when writing by scheduling in advance

Save time when writing by scheduling in advance

Writing content on your website everyday can take a lot of time out of your working day. You have to stop what you’re doing, access your website, find something to write about and then stare at a blank page until the muse takes you.

Doing this every day is difficult, especially when you’re trying to run your own business. If you want a successful website though, it has to be done. This is why you should find the time for a few hours one day and write all of your content for the week in advance.

It’s much easier to write a block of content, 5-7 articles for example, in one go than it is to try to write one every day. You can trawl through Google, use Google News as well, looking for subjects to write about. Then you can work on several articles in one go and get your whole week’s content done at once.

Another advantage to doing this is that you’re covering for unforeseen circumstances. If you have an emergency one day during the week and can’t get around to writing on your website, it doesn’t matter because you’ve already scheduled it ahead.

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